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If you have already scheduled your in-person visit:




  • Please make sure to have your medications with you, or a list of medications you are currently taking, including information on the dose and how often you take them.

  • Do not eat or drink anything other than water for two hours before the time of your in-person visit.

  • Do not exercise or do any vigorous physical activities for two hours before the time of your in-person visit.

  • Keep in mind that we will be measuring your height, weight, body size, and blood pressure.

  • We will also be collecting five small drops of blood from your finger to look for signs of your health.

  • We will also be asking some questions about your health and experiences as an African American woman with lupus. We will ask you to read and respond to some of these questions on a laptop computer which we will bring with us.

  • Please set aside about an hour and a half of time to make sure that we can complete your in-person visit. To compensate you for your time, we will give you $100 in cash after you complete your in-person visit.

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