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What is the Be WELL Study?

Through the Black Women's Experiences Living With Lupus Study, or Be WELL Study, we want to learn more about how the issues faced by African American women with lupus impact their health and well-being. This study is designed to be the largest and most comprehensive study to focus specifically on African American women living with lupus. Through this research, we hope to more fully represent the diversity of African American women's experiences living with lupus. By participating in this study, you would be helping us to address the gaps in research facing African American communities and develop strategies to improve the overall health of African American women with lupus. Through this study, we wish to identify not only the barriers to optimal health, but also learn about the sources of strength and resiliency that enable African American women living with lupus to thrive and live life to the fullest. 

What is involved?


The Be WELL study involves completing 3 in-person vists and 2 short surveys. These are done over a two year period. By following your progress over this time frame we will be able to find out what factors enable African American women to maintain their health. Find out more details about what is involved in each of these components by clicking here.



Who is eligible to participate?


To participate in the Be WELL Study, you have to be signed up with the Georgians Organized Against Lupus (GOAL) Study and identify as an African American woman. If you are not already a part of the GOAL study and would like more information, please go to the GOAL study website by clicking the button below, or feel free to give us a call at (404) 778-3167.

In addition to being an African American woman in the GOAL Study, we also ask for the following:

  • You are willing to participate throughout the entire two year duration of the Be WELL Study.

  • You are able to participate in each of the components of the Be WELL Study. These components include 3 in-person visits and 2 short surveys. In-person visits can be done at Grady, your home, or another place that is convenient for you where there is a private room. The short surveys can be completed through the mail, Internet, or phone.

  • You are able to read and respond to questions, and comfortable answering them on a laptop computer provided by our research team for use during the in-person visits.  We ask that you answer these questions on your own.

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