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Over the years, we have learned a lot about lupus. African American women are one of the most impacted groups. Through your participation in the Georgians Organized Against Lupus (GOAL) study, we learned that African American women deal with unique issues that can impact their health. But even with these challenges, we learned that there are sources of strength that allow African American women living with lupus to be resilient and thrive.


To learn more about the impact of lupus among African American women, click here.

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Despite the advances we have made in research, there are still major gaps that need to be addressed. We need to learn more about factors affecting health, and importantly, the things that can be done to enable African American women with lupus to live life to the fullest. Our ultimate goal is to promote healthy lives and improve the health of all people living with lupus.


For information about how the Be WELL Study is moving things forward, click here.

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